Label Quality

At Napa Valley Private Label Wine, we pride ourselves on offering one of the highest and best quality wine label printing services available. Since wine labels tend to be subjected to a variety of extreme rigors such as packing in boxes, shipping, refrigeration, condensation etc. we have focussed on two key components to keep your label in the best condition possible. Our exceptional print quality and label durability will ensure your private label maintains its integrity throughout a variety of conditions. And because you have ordered then for a special purpose, we want them to be perfect.

Print Quality

As a general rule, commercial wine labels are printed on the most technologically advanced presses in the world. Wine is an expensive product and a large portion of the total budget for producing a bottle of wine is given over to packaging. Matching this quality in the world of short run, personalized labels is a daunting task. Over the years we have continually strived to improve our print quality and raise standards and our labels are now all printed to photographic or near photographic quality.

Digital Die-Cutting

Unlike most of our competitors we do not print on pre-cut sheets. All of our die-cutting is done AFTER printing, much like the process used by commercial wine label printers. This results in a much greater level of consistency, allowing for tight borders and truly professional results. And because our die-cutting system is a digital process, we can create complex, custom die-shapes, on the fly, at very little cost to the consumer.


Unlike commercial labels, which are not subjected to the same scrutiny, our labels are made to withstand a great deal of abuse and still look great. They are water and scuff resistant, and are able to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to U.V. light. Meeting this high quality standard in a way that allows for affordable short run production has been one of our biggest challenges yet also one of our greatest triumphs. When you order from us, you do not need to worry about your labels disintegrating as soon as they get a little condensation on them, or losing patches of ink when they rub against the edges of the cardboard box they are in.

Our labels are beautiful AND durable and we now offer two different finishing options;

Laminated Self-Adhesive Paper - This is our standard option for material type. The print quality is very good and the laminate provides an unbeatable level of durability and excellent water resistance while maintaining a slightly textured feel.

Self-Adhesive Poly Film - This option is a matte poly film that does not require any lamination. The print quality is excellent with vibrant, permanent colors while the face stock has the feel of a high end satin paper stock unlike any film we have seen before.

  Print Quality Water Resistance Abrasion
Resistant - Dry
Resistant - Wet
Self-Adhesive Paper
5 4 5 4 Glossy
Self-Adhesive Poly Film 5 5 4 3 Matte


Label Application

Just like our wine is organically farmed, our labels are all custom designed by you and hand applied . . . never mass-produced or mass-labeled by machines. Little known in Napa, many higher-quality, low-volume wines have labels hand applied, which is part of the character, romance and inherent personality of the wine. We stay true to this as we create “Your Private Vineyard . . . one case at a time."

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