How To Make Your Own Wine Labels

There are many advantages to creating your own wine labels. You may be a home wine maker looking for the perfect label to compliment your latest batch, or you may just have a favorite storebought wine that you want to swap the label of to give as a special gift.

While it may be tempting to try to print your own custom wine labels from home, home made labels typically have several disadvantages including decreased print quality, lack of durability, inferior label finish, and difficulty with aligning label prints to cut lines. By comparison, our labels have the following key advantages:

  • Commercial Level Print Quality - Utilizing high end printing technology, we are able to achieve remarkable print quality with excellent color vibrance and accuracy and high print resolution.
  • Label Durability - All of our labels go through a lamination process, resulting in increased label durability and resistance to outside moisture. Lamination also allows for flexibility of label finish, with a choice between either a matte and glossy laminate finish.
  • Flexibility of Size & Shape - Our labels are cut using a digital die process which provides incredible flexibility of label size and shape. You provide the dimensions or choose from one of our size or shape presets and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Access to Our Powerful Design Tools - With our proprietary LabelMaker Pro technology, custom wine labels are easier than ever to create. Using our advanced 3D Wine Bottle Previewer, you can even visualize what your finished label will look like on a variety of different 3D wine bottle styles. Create your label using one of the following options:

Option 1 - Customize a Design Template

Get started by choosing a design from one of our label categories. Label Templates can be fully customized using your own text and images to create the perfect personalized wine labels.

Option 2 - Create Your Own Design Online

Using our proprietary LabelMaker Pro tool, designing your own label from scratch is easier than every. Add your own text and photos, or choose from our library of images and graphics. We offer a broad selection of font choices, and your label can be sized to whatever dimensions you provide. You can even upload your own finished label design if you'd prefer to use your own design software.

Once you've received your Custom Wine Labels, see the following guides:

If using a previously labeled wine bottle, proceed to our How to Remove Wine Labels guide.

When you're ready to apply your labels, see our How to Apply Wine Labels guide.

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